Tretinoin Cream

Acne is a chronic and inflammatory skin problem. It generates spots and pimples on the face, shoulders, back, chest, etc. Acne happens due to many reasons, such as genetics, fluctuating hormone levels, stress, and more. Also, this skin condition affects people at any age. It is not harmful, but it can leave spots on the skin. If home remedies and over-the-counter medicines are not working for your acne treatment, you need to try something else. Nowadays, the use of tretinoin is increasing for treating acne. It is retinoic acid that is synthetic vitamin A. It is different from retinol which is a natural form of vitamin A.

Tretinoin enables quick exfoliation and stimulation of collagen and elastin. You can find this medicine under different brand names. Also, people need a prescription for purchasing tretinoin for acne treatment. This retinoid medicine is best for short and long-term acne treatment. Also, people use tretinoin for treating signs of aging skin. It is famous as an anti-aging medication. It is crucial to consult your dermatologist before using this medicine on your skin. Tretinoin cream provides many benefits in acne treatment. Below, you can check all details about this acne medicine; so keep reading:

Benefits Of Tretinoin Cream

If you use tretinoin cream correctly, your skin will get many benefits. You have to use this medicine as per guided by your dermatologist. People can start slowly to use this cream as per their skin tolerates. Below, you can check the different benefits of using tretinoin cream 0.025

  1. Tretinoin cream is best for acne treatment as it boosts cell turnover on your skin. It will help to replace dead cells with healthy cells in your skin. It also helps in opening skin pores and removing bacteria or irritants.
  2. You can use tretinoin cream on your skin to regulate the oil levels. It will help you to stop future breakouts. If your glands produce too much sebum, tretinoin cream is best for regulating it. You can manage your oily skin with this medicine.
  3. Tretinoin cream also helps to treat acne scarring. You can reduce the appearance of the scars using this medication on your skin. Tretinoin helps in generating new cells on the site of acne scarring.
  4. If your skin has dark spots, you can also use tretinoin cream. This prescribed medicine helps to decrease hyperpigmentation. You can improve your skin condition using the tretinoin cream.
  5. Tretinoin cream is best for treating skin aging signs. It aids to diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. This medication replaces the dead cells with new cells to reveal the healthy skin underneath. It is also responsible for boosting collagen production in the skin.

Things To Consider Before Using Tretinoin

You have to consider some things before using tretinoin for acne or other skin problems. There are conditions in which you cannot use tretinoin cream for treating your skin. Below, you can check the things to consider before using this medication:

  1. Tretinoin cream is not secure to use during pregnancy. You must not use this retinoid medicine as it is associated with damage to the fetus. So, if you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant, avoid tretinoin cream for acne treatment.
  2. You can stay out of the sun after using tretinoin cream. This medication makes the skin more sensitive to sunburn. Sun decreases the power of the tretinoin. So, it is better to use tretinoin at night before you go to the bed. 
  3. You cannot use the skincare products that react with tretinoin. You should not use the product that makes your skin dry while using tretinoin cream. You can avoid products having spices, sulfur, lime, resorcinol, astringents, etc. People can discuss with their dermatologists about using other skincare products with tretinoin or not. 
  4. People should protect their faces from intense cold or wind while using tretinoin cream. This medication makes people extra sensitive to extreme weather. So, cover your face during much cold weather to avoid any reaction.


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