For decades, Apple has been servicing over 588 million users, and it’s still increasing. Many people look forward to new updates and devices getting released.

One of the biggest benefits of being an Apple user is the number of amazing Mac apps you can try. When you’re into technology, the experience doesn’t get any better than being a Mac user. You can find any app you need, from productivity apps, security, storage, and even photo editors.

Have you gotten yourself a new Macbook? Here are seven of the best mac apps to install for mac users.

1. Alfred

Let’s talk about the best apps for productivity. When you find macOS’ Spotlight Search neat and all right, Alfred will take that up a notch and more. While Alfred may be an application launcher, it can still serve you in many other ways.

This Mac app can fulfill both the tasks of Siri and Spotlight. However, it does more than boost your Mac’s Spotlight app. This little utility app offers basic search functions and makes automated workflows.

With Alfred, you can also create custom program shortcuts to your files and programs. Alfred enables you to gain access to your clipboard history whenever you want.

Alfred also offers quick calculations, text expansions, and app integrations fast. You won’t be running into trouble with your computer on having to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. The convenience it provides makes it one of the best apps for productivity.

Although you’ll need to pay for extra features, the basic feature of Alfred is free.

2. Google Chrome

When you’re looking for free apps for your Mac computer, Google Chrome is a popular choice. While Safari is a neat browser to use, it can have limited features and customizations. It’s also an Apple exclusive app, meaning it’s not available on other OS.

This is where Google Chrome steps in. This popular browser syncs with your Google account and has a lot of extensions and plugins that can boost your browser experience. It also works a lot better with a couple of Google apps like Google Meet.

Google Chrome is also the best choice to have when you have non-Apple devices. If you have plans on syncing your browsing data across all your devices, you need Google Chrome. The only downside is the extensive use of the browser on your RAM over time.

3. Bartender

Another great app download for customizing your Apple computer is Bartender. This customization app is a must-have for organization junkies who want uniformity. When you want your Apple computer to showcase certain icons, Bartender is a great app to make that happen.

When you get your new Mac, you’ll soon find your menu bar strewn with a collection of app icons. Bartender helps you tidy up those cluttered icons by placing unnecessary icons into a sub-menu bar.

You can also rearrange the icons as you please. Bartender allows you to personalize your keyboard shortcuts for quick access. What’s also good about this is its ability to offer you more space when you need some.

Check out to get this app on your Mac.

4. Fantastical

Putting all your appointments in one calendar app can make things less hectic if you’re always on the go. Fantastical is that efficient calendar app. It has a pleasing interface that’s easy to use and enables you to choose a calendar that fits your aesthetic.

Fantastical also incorporates your iCloud, Google, Exchange calendars, and reminders. That way, any changes or additions to your calendar get synced.

It has an agenda list view that shows your entire schedule for the week or month. It also lets you create events using natural language input support. This calendar app also features weather forecasts, moon phases, and time zone adjustments.

However, you may need to subscribe to get the premium experience out of Fantastical. Its free version can only add and delete events and get you a three-day weather forecast at best. The Premium version of the Fantastical gets you much more, like 10-day weather forecasts and email support.

5. Tweetbot

Are you looking to enhance your Twitter experience on your Mac? Tweetbot is the perfect mac app for you.

Tweetbot presents its users with columns, windows, and tools for muting and hashtagging. The app is also great because it supports third-party apps like Paper. Its interface blends well with the newest macOS look, so it won’t look out of place on your device.

6. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is one of the best free apps for Mac when it comes to photo editing. This full-featured photo editing app is easy to use and has a wide toolset designed for photography professionals.

This app has huge image support of over 100 megapixels, plus a pan and zoom at 60fps. Another convenient feature of this is you can also open and edit Photoshop PSD files. Besides that, it also works with other image formats like PNG, TIFF, SVG, and PDF.

With only a one-off fee, you’ll get to enjoy editing your photos. This is a great option if you’re looking for a photo editing alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

7. 1Password

Looking to secure your passwords and manage one app? 1Password is the app you’ll need for that. This password manager secures all your passwords in an encrypted vault. You can only access it with your master password.

You can also create different vaults for your work and personal accounts and sync your data on different devices. Not only that, but you can also store your bank info and credit card numbers.

A Complete Guide on the 7 Best Mac Apps to Install

Here are some of the best apps to install to get the most out of your Macbook. There are many certified mac apps that’ll fit your needs from productivity, customization, and security.

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