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What if you’re an only child? What if you don’t have a sibling to help bring out the best in you or give you someone to play with? It might sound like a lonely way to live, but there are plenty of benefits. Read on for more information about being an only child and what it means for your life and personality! Some people believe that if you are an only child, then you will be spoiled or selfish.

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In reality, the opposite is true. You’re probably more independent and self-sufficient than somebody with siblings because you don’t have anyone else to rely on for support. It’s likely that your parents spent all of their time focused on taking care of just one kid and made sure it was a happy childhood full of love and attention. They also knew they had to keep up with everything from parent-teacher conferences to doctor visits alone – which means there were no handouts! As long as they did whatever possible when raising you, chances are very high that being an only child won’t affect your personality in any way. ** What


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