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A material breach is a legal term that refers to the failure by one party to meet an important obligation. This blog post will explore what constitutes a material breach, and provide three examples of breaches in different contexts.

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The three examples of a material breach are:

(i) an employer failing to pay wages, though the work was completed;

(ii) a contractor not completing all required tasks in accordance with the contract.

The final example is one where there is no contract-an individual who has been living together and share their finances decides they want to break up but continue sharing rent. Each situation will have consequences that differ depending on what happens next for both parties involved. For instance, if the employer does not pay wages, then state laws may require them to do so or be penalized by law enforcement officials such as labor inspectors from specific agencies. If there is no contract between two people going through difficulties, it could result in serious legal ramifications.


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