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A debate is a meeting of party members to choose a nominee through debate. It might sound like an odd way to make such big decisions, but in fact this process has been used for centuries. A recent example of this was the Republican Party’s 2016 nomination where Donald Trump won after 16 other candidates had debated.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some reasons why debates are still relevant today and how they can help your business. Reason #01: Debate is a great way to educate your potential customers and clients. A debate might not seem like the best environment for teaching anything, but in fact it can be an excellent means of educational outreach if you do it right.

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You’ll need to have a solid presentation with plenty of visuals or examples that are relevant to what you want people to learn about. The more convincing your argument is, the better chance they will stay interested.

An example would be how Post mates takes advantage of debates by holding them at colleges across the country so students can sign up through their website after being exposed on campus. This gives them tons of opportunities for new users who are either just starting college, going back after summer break, or anywhere.


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