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There are many different types of books. One type is the memoir, which tells a person’s life story or history. A memoir is not considered a historical document because it does not have to meet certain standards that other documents do in order to be categorized as such.

In this blog post, I will discuss what makes up an official historical document and how they differ from memoirs. There are many sources of historical documents: presidential papers, diaries, government records and more. These types of files should be held in repositories that have strict standards for preserving them.

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Memoirs do not necessarily meet these same preservation guidelines because they were written by a person who is no longer alive to attest to their authenticity or accuracy. A memoir can include personal accounts and stories from the writer’s own life while an official document must provide factual information about events that occurred during the time period it covers.

While there are cases where word choice does affect how objective content may seem, an official history has measures in place to ensure its integrity throughout all stages – authorship, preparation, publishing and distribution.


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