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A baby’s cries are so important! The sound of a crying infant can be absolutely heartbreaking. It is not only the sound but also the sense of urgency that they feel and their need for help that makes it such a powerful noise. Sadly, many mothers do not respond to this cry for help quickly enough.

Why? They may have been in another room or occupied with something else and didn’t hear it right away. And when they finally get there, they realize that their baby was experiencing distress all along!

This is a big problem because the baby can’t tell them what they need and the mom may not know how to help. In order to ensure that your infant’s cries get heard, it is important for you as a mother or caretaker of an infant to begin learning about their needs before they start crying.

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Here are some tips: Learn what makes your little one happy (or calm) – Find out when he prefers rest time. Figure out his feeding schedule so you’re attentive during feedings with proper burping afterwards. This will also help ease digestion issues later in life like colic! And don’t forget naptime – sleeping through the night is key for healthy development. Spend quality time awake at home.


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