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It is a hotly debated topic, the minimum wage. Many people believe that it should be abolished because they think it harms small businesses and forces prices to rise for consumers. Others say it should not be abolished because without the minimum wage more people would have jobs and poverty rates would decrease. What do you think? Think about the arguments for abolishing the minimum wage.

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What are some of your thoughts and questions? Next sentence: __, __, or even __. When you weigh these pros/cons against one another what do you think should happen to the minimum wage in our country? Why? In conclusion I would like to say that a lot more research needs to be done on this topic before we can answer with certainty whether or not it is beneficial for America as a whole. For now I am going to lean towards believing that raising the minimum wage will have many benefits but there are still risks involved so it may not be an idea worth considering just yet. Honestly at this point my opinion could go either way because


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