a nurse in a clinic is caring for a middle adult client who states

“I’m feeling really down. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working too hard, or if it’s because my kids are driving me crazy.” The nurse nods and listens to the client as she continues. “It feels like everything is just adding up on top of me.” “I can see how that would make you feel this way,” replies the nurse. “Have you ever considered talking with a therapist?

” So the nurse offers to find a therapist for her. He asks who she would like, and she responds with one name that comes to mind. The nurse makes an appointment for them at this time on Monday morning as well as another appointment for next week.” “Thank you so much,” says the client with tears in her eyes before leaving. The caregiver feels good because they were able to help someone feel better about themselves even though it was just through listening and giving advice when necessary in some ways it’s more rewarding than anything else we can do here at our jobs! Some clients may not be interested in chatting, but instead want something tangible; if they need food or clothes then we will provide them those resources too


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