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I had my first experience with death when I was in the sixth grade. My neighbor who lived across the street from me died unexpectedly and suddenly. It left a huge hole in our neighborhood, but also sparked an interest in nursing that has lasted for almost two decades now. Whenever I think about what it means to be a nurse, this is one of those moments that sticks out to me most vividly:

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walking into someone’s room on hospice care and finding them peacefully passed away. Keywords to include: Hospice Care, Nursing, Death Blogging is a passion of mine. I started this blog 17 years ago to share my thoughts and experiences with the world wide web community. Many people who are reading this now may be familiar with me as an author or blogger from other sites, but for those of you meeting me on this new site: Hi! My name is Jason and I’m glad that we’re becoming friends here too. This blog will serve as a place to write about anything related to nursing – whether it’s a personal story like today’s post, or some type of medical advice article like “What Is A Nasogastric Tube.” It’ll also include posts about books (I am always looking for good reads) and just general life observations


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