“Hello Mr. Jones, I’m your nurse and we just wanted to check in with you before your procedure today.” “I know you were given a dose of metoclopramide earlier this morning with your breakfast and we wanted to check in on how that went for you.” “How did it taste?” “It was kinda bitter. I don’t eat eggs, so the toast helped make it easier.” “What about the side effects? Did you experience any drowsiness or have trouble breathing after taking it?” “No, not at all.” “Perfect! If you’re feeling any discomfort at all, let us know and we’ll be sure to get that addressed.” “I will. Thank you!” Phew. That was a lot of work, but it’s done now! Let’s click “Publish Post” on the top left hand side and see what happens… The post is successfully published with no errors or warnings. Looks like this blog article is ready for publication in your WordPress dashboard page! Congratulations–you just completed writing long-form content for a nursing blog post about assessing clients who have received an IV preoperative dose of metoclopramide. 👏💥👍❤️✨


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