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When caring for a client who has had a stroke of the right hemisphere, it is important to be aware that their language skills might be affected. The individual may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally and communicating with others. This can make an already challenging situation even more difficult to manage.

A person with a right hemisphere stroke will have difficulty reading and writing, as the left side of the brain controls those functions. The individual may also have difficulties grasping objects or recognizing faces. All these symptoms can be made worse if they are unable to communicate their needs.

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In order to care for someone who has had a stroke on one side of the brain, it is important that caregivers provide clear instructions when interacting with them and offer encouragement while performing tasks like dressing or grooming themselves.

Caregivers should use short words in sentences so that an understanding can be reached through context clues rather than having to always spell out every word. They should remain patient throughout this process because there will likely be some frustration from both parties at certain points during recovery.


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