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It is important for a nurse to know what to anticipate when caring for a client with diabetes insipidus. The first thing they should expect is the possibility of administering fluids and electrolytes. This can be done by using an IV, or through oral administration.

The second thing that may happen if this patient has low blood sugar is seizures, which necessitates glucose intake. If there are kidney issues, it’s possible that the client will need dialysis treatments administered. N/A. -The nurse should anticipate administering fluids and electrolytes, which can be done through an IV, or orally.

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If a client has low blood sugar, they may experience seizures; this necessitates glucose intake. If kidney issues are present, dialysis treatments will need to administered. It is important for a nurse to know what to expect when caring for clients with diabetes insipidus so that they don’t spend time on unnecessary tasks during their shift. The first thing the nurse anticipates is giving out fluids and electrolytes if needed this can either be accomplished via intravenous injection or oral.


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