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This week, we will be discussing two Renaissance writers who used their professional experiences as the basis for their works. These writers were Michel de Montaigne and Miguel de Cervantes. Both of these authors have very different backgrounds, but they both share a passion for literature that is still apparent in their work today! In this blog post, you’ll learn about:

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-The life of Michel de Montaigne -The life of Miguel de Cervantes -The influence that their professional experiences had on the work they produced. -What makes these writers unique and how their writing embodies this quality. Michel de Montaigne (1533) was born in France during a time when it is said, “the world changed.” This change came from different cultures coming together to form an unprecedented unity of mindsets and traditions – opening up new possibilities for humanity. In his collection called Essays, he reflects on himself with honesty and self-interest by following what we call today “self-help” principles: examining oneself through introspection rather than referencing other people’s opinions or facts about yourself. He took personal responsibility for who he was at any given point


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