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When a parent and toddler meet someone that makes the parent nervous, there are many different outcomes. The toddler will probably __. Some may cry, some might get frustrated and others might just go into their own world because they aren’t used to meeting new people yet. In this blog post we’ll explore what you should do when your child meets someone who makes you nervous or uncomfortable in any way!

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-If the child is crying, try to comfort them. Remember that they might not be used to meeting new people and it can make your child’s nervous system go a little haywire with all of these unfamiliar surroundings. Give them a hug or take their hand if they’ll let you and walk slowly until things calm down -Let your toddler explore on his own! Letting him explore will help him get familiarized with this person who makes you so uncomfortable. You never know, he may even have something in common with this person like playing video games or reading books for example! If he doesn’t want anything to do with this person then don’t force anything because that will only add more stress trying to get your baby used to


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