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If you’re reading this, then you have a problem. You have 17 nickels and dimes in front of you, but it’s not clear how many of each coin type are there. The first thing to do is count the coins that look like nickels. If that number is odd, we know that there must be an even number of dimes because 1 nickel + 1 dime = 2 quarters which would give us an even number for both types of coins when added together.

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If the number is even, we know that there must be an odd number of dimes because it would require at least one nickel to make a quarter which means they couldn’t add up together for an even-numbered total. So if you counted 13 nickels and 14 dimes, then there are 17 coins in front of you (13 nickels + 14 dimes = 27), but only 12 quarters: so 11 nickels + 11 dimes = 22. That’s all there is to this math problem! And now time for some bullet points: * If the first thing I did was count how many coins looked like nickels, adding them up with any other type of coin will tell me whether


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