Poor performance on a task called backward masking can be caused by many different factors. When people are asked to complete this task, they are usually shown a word or sentence and then later told to type out what it says.

The cause of poor performance in this task is most likely due to the person experiencing something called “masked priming.” This occurs when the person has already seen an image that was followed by another one with similar features.

Masked priming causes interference from the first picture which causes difficulties in completing tasks such as typing backwards. There are also other possible causes for poor performance such as hearing impairment and ADHD, but masked priming is more common than these two conditions combined.

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In order to overcome problems associated with poor performance on a task called backward masking, it is important to identify why the person has trouble. If hearing impairment or ADHD are both ruled out as causes for their difficulties, then there may be some other underlying condition that needs to be investigated.

Once this is done and identified, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed in order to help the individual with these types of issues perform better on tasks such as typing backwards Problem: Poor performance in a task called back masking can have many different causes including masked priming which occurs when someone sees one image followed by another similar-looking one before they complete the task at hand (i.e., typing words). There are also other conditions that might cause poor performance such as hearing impairment.


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