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SCR888 has been a controversial topic for many years now, with people from all walks of life attacking it for being everything from addictive to downright harmful. There is a lot of bad press about the casino and there are a lot of theories as to why they’re so convincing.

I propose a step-by-step breakdown of the most popular arguments against the Scr888 casino and my thoughts on them, followed by my own personal testimony.

For those not in the know, Scr888 is a Chinese online casino that has been on the market for years now. Their website is available in both English and Chinese, which means they cater to an international audience. They have even gone so far as to create a ‘loyalty program’ for their players.

What Are The Arguments Against Scr888?

Here are some of the most common arguments against Scr888.

  1. The casino has too many games, which makes it difficult to monitor any of them since there are hundreds of them at any given time of day. This is the most popular criticism leveled at Scr888 but it’s also one that I believe is completely wrong-headed.

Claim: “It’s like playing slots in a horse stable filled with hundreds of horses, but you only know how to count to three because you can’t speak Chinese.”

Busting: If it Weren’t For Scr888, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Play My Favorite Slots

  1. The Scr888 casino loses money and the owners don’t care about that. That’s bad for investors and we should be concerned about their financial status. Again, this is a very common argument thrown at the casino by people who’ve never played there or haven’t researched it enough.

Busting: The Truth About Scr888

  1. It’s based in China. People don’t trust Chinese-owned companies and this is a huge red flag if you’re a gambler.

Busting: Why Don’t You Want to Play In China?

  1. The casino is being unfairly attacked by the gaming authorities because they have a strong Asian following where other casinos have failed. That’s bad for the industry as a whole and we should be concerned about that. Once again, these are all very valid opinions but there just isn’t enough evidence to say that Scr888 has been unfairly attacked by the gaming authorities.

Busting: Why Aren’t We Allied to Play in China?

  1. It’s a scam and the owners are bad people that will take your money and run with it before you can blink. Again, I find this a very valid opinion about the casino but there is no evidence to prove this point either way.

Where Do I Stand On Scr888?

In my personal opinion, I believe Scr888 is a perfectly legitimate online casino if you can understand what they’re trying to do and why they’re doing it. It’s a Chinese company that is trying to make money the same way other casinos do, but they’re doing it in a way that’s different from what we’ve been used to. In fact, I think they’re doing it better than everyone else.

What Makes Scr888 So Good?

Scr888 has been playing at being innovative for years now and I think they might have finally hit the nail on the head this time. They have an extensive library of games at their disposal and they’ve licensed a lot of them from other companies. I believe that they’re in a really good position to be a powerhouse in the Chinese gambling industry in years to come.

I base my opinion on this experience in Asia and I’m also basing it on the fact that I’ve seen Scr888 grow by leaps and bounds since I started playing there. They’re definitely not what they were when I first signed up years ago, which makes me very excited for their future prospects.

My Personal Experience With Scr888

I’ve Been Playing At Scr888 Since 2012…

I have been playing at Scr888 for years now and I’ve had a consistently good experience with them. I’ve never felt the need to spread any bad press about their casino because it’s been a great experience for me overall.

I was a bit nervous before I started playing there, but I soon loosened up and played a number of spins on their extreme slots games. I started small, with the equivalent of about $10 USD worth of Chinese Yuan to my name, but from there it wasn’t long until I was raising the stakes and having a lot of fun in the process.


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